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Ancient Egyptians

Egyptan facts.

Egypt is a hot country and so people wore lightweight clothes which kept them cool.

We can see what they wore from many paintings and sculptures they left behind.

Ancient Egyptians clothes covered most of their skin and were made from plant fibren such as linen.



Linen was made from the fibres of the flax plant he Egyptians grew.

The Egyptian children went around completely naked.When they were six years old they began to wear clothes that would protect then from the intense dry heat.



Men of the working classes wore a loincloth of short kilt and sometimes a type os shirt.


Year 5 and some of our work

In ash 5 we have been doing research and Dt and it has been loads f fun .

We have been making canonic jars in our Dt lessons and we could of made four different jars we could of made the head of a jackal ,a head of a baboon , a head of a falcon or a head of a human Egyption . 


In our research lessons we have been researching facts about the Egyptian lifestyle like what food they ate what clothes they wore and other facts  some of us used laptops and some of us used books there was loads of cool and interesting facts .


We enjoyed doing both of them because they were really fun and interesting lessons .


My pot

In year 5 we have been making Ancient Egyptian clay canopic jars and i made a jackal.First we made the jar after the jar we made the head later after the pots and head we did the colouring we had gold silver bronze black blue and red i painted mine gold and bronze to make roze gold

What we have been doing in Ash 5

In our DT lesson we have been making Ancient Egyptian clay canopic jars . I made the jar with the head of a baboon . We painted them and I made them a gold and silver colour . In our research lessons we had to read Egyptian books and make a fact leaflet with the information



Egyptians hunted not only for food, but for entertainment.most large and dangerous animals such as lions and hippos were kept in enclosed areas for rich people to hunt.

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