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what i have researched about the Egyptians

  1. I have learnt that the Egyptians wash the dead bodies in the Nile
  2. When they finished washing the dead bodies, they wait forty days for it to dry then put natron on it 

Ancient Egyptian Jobs

People worked very hard in Aceint Egypt,women could work at a job in Aceint Egypt,women could work at a job out of the home as well.Jobs included bakers, priests,noblemen,artists and scibes.

This is how i learnt about Ancient Egypt

  1. The Egyptians love to bury dead people 
  2. they loved cats

My Egyptian jar

I made a canopic jar my colours were bronze,gold,silver and purple!It took a long time just to make one Egyptian jar.

My Egyptian pot

In dt we have been working on Egyptian pot and me and my friends were doing the pots and we had to decide what we were doing so monkey heading one and I coloured my gold, sliver, bronze and grey we had fun. But the worst thing was to tidy up only five of us tidy

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